AT&T TV Features!

Our TV sets have become the focal point for entertainment in our households.  All across America, we are deriving more and more of our viewing pleasure from more and more complex technologies.  But no matter how large and sophisticated our TVs get, one thing remains constant; we want better quality, higher resolution and better sound, more options and unique features, including interactive apps, that allow you to control your TV viewing via your smart phone.

Now AT&T, one of the leading innovators when it comes to at home or on the road entertainment, has come up with some exciting exclusive offers you can enjoy right in the palm of your own hand with your phone or up on the screen at home.  Sure, it is nice to have a smart phone with all the bells and whistles that only they can provide, but who really wants to watch TV on such a small screen?  If you are stuck on a train or plane, sure, it is great to have, but our homes are our castles and getting the most of your HD ready TV set has never been more important.  Or easier, thanks to AT&T’s one of a kind service plans. 

Just some of the awesome television special features include the following.  You can watch up to 300,000 different shows, music videos, movies, sports programs, and much more online.  Yes, that is correct.  300,000!  It’s simply staggering the amount of content you will receive.  You can also watch any live content you want, including news broadcasts from CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, HLM and others. 

Want premium content from all the best providers?  You can get HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, all the heavy hitters will be at your fingertips just as easy as they can be.  And don’t forget you can manage your personal DVR settings from your TV, a really cool feature that makes life less of a hassle.  You will never miss your favorite show again, of the big game.  You can also manage your AT&T account from your TV and check all the local broadcasting channels. 

Another great additional TV features being able to access your and tab your favorite online social media sites, straight from your TV.  It’s never been easier to keep in touch with friends and family. 

Regular cable service is not enough anymore for your HD television set.  Your TV deserves better features and so do you and your family members.  Check out the AT&T Total Home DVR system, an astonishing new way to experience your TV.  Not only do you get all the normal features associated with regular DVRs, like being able to schedule recordings for when you won’t be home, this one allows you to have advanced features like recording up to four shows at once and play them back in any room; pause, rewind and fast forward live or recorded shows on any set, then play them back on another set in an entirely different room! 

You’ll get tons of HD channels, with the list of available high definition shows growing more and more each day.  And AT&T TV Multiview allows viewing of more than one program at the same time with the amazing split screen technology where you can click and change and watch whichever one you want as the main feature, or peruse others, all at once.  Channel surfing jut got a serious upgrade.  Also access great pre-set options with the simple push of a button.  Watch the sports programming you want, set it up for the kids to have what they want or for all your news needs. 

And speaking of surfing through channels, allowing you to see what you want and not what you don’t, the new TV feature Picture in Picture lets you see other programs in a smaller window, while still keeping your main program front and center.  You save time and hassle with all these great features from AT&T AT&T TV