AT&T TV Deals!

AT&T TV Service

AT&T has an incredible lineup of programming, with family-friendly features that can make any programming experience better than ever before. With AT&T, you are able to get the kind of programming your family wants, on the monthly budget you are comfortable with. Not only can you get phenomenal programming, but you can get it with the added benefit of digital home phone services and high-speed fiber optic internet. When you get these three services at one time, through AT&T, you can enjoy the additional benefits of Bundled service discounts.

AT&T offers the AT&T TV service, a digital home programming package that can deliver high quality viewing every time. This service is completely digital, delivered through reliable fiber optic networks. You never have to wait on the system to reboot or the weather to clear up for a quality viewing experience.

The AT&T TV service provides a complete home DVR system that allows programming to follow you from one room to the next in a convenient manner. These features make it easy to start a show, movie or sports game in the living room and carry to the kitchen for viewing while you prepare supper. Or, you can carry it to the bedroom to finish watching it while you go to sleep. This is the perfect service for children that like to move between their bedrooms, the play room and the living room.

On top of being able to take the programming around the house with you, you can also take advantage of the DVR capability to record up to four shows at one time. This way, you have the ability to build a customized and parent-approved viewing list for your children, no matter their age groups. The DVR will also rewind, pause and fast forward through this programming so that your children can get the best viewing experiences possible.

Even when there is something on that you want to watch while something is airing that your children want to watch, every one can get satisfaction with the My Multiview feature. This feature allows you to watch up to four different shows at one time, all on the same screen. You can watch your programming and keep an eye on what your children are watching at the same time, without even getting off the couch. It makes watching all of your games, movies and programming easy.

AT&T can even provide more viewing convenience with the picture-in-picture feature, which puts a small picture of what’s playing on another channel up so that you can decide if you want to watch it before you turn there. You can even turn to the new channel with the simple press of a button. This service is the perfect tool for busy households with multiple age groups.

You don’t even need to have a box on every television. If you want to watch television on your screened in porch, ask about a AT&T wireless TV receiver. This frees you from needing an outlet for programming services. Just find a plug-in for the television cord and forget the mess of additional cords.

You can also enjoy AT&T TV on your smart phone with Interactive Apps. You can setup recordings, change DVR settings, and watch content on your phone once you've installed the AT&T AT&T TV app.

This is the perfect programming option for any home. One provider can put everything you need for home programming, home phone services and high-speed internet at your fingers.