AT&T TV Multiview!

There is a new, innovative feature available for all AT&T subscribers that is hard to believe unless you experience it firsthand.  Bundling is the next big thing for consumers.  We all have busy lives, schedules that demand your constant attention and tons of energy.  We get pulled in so many directions, from friends, family members, especially our kids, that it is nice to be able to have options that make our lives easier and simpler.  With AT&T, our lives just got a whole lot easier. 

Technology is a wonderful thing.  Throughout history, going as far back as the invention of the wheel or the horse drawn cart, technology has allowed us as a race to progress forward not only in our professional lives but personal as well.  Think on how convenient your cell phone makes getting in contact with your loved ones or business associates.  It has gotten to the point where it is difficult to imagine just what it was we did in the past and how we made it to those meetings or met up with a buddy when we needed to. 

Your personal entertainment is not something without meaning.  In this fast paced, high stressed world, it’s important to be able to unwind and relax.  Not only does it allow you to forget about your problems but it gives you something to look forward after a long day.  Thanks to today’s technology, we have options we never had before in regards to our personal entertainment options. 

Take the new Multiview from AT&T.  For all you multitasking people out there, this innovative feature is the way to go.  Cut through the frustration of having too many shows to watch but not enough time.  With Multiview you can keep tabs on up to four different shows at once, all on one single screen.  Remember how cool Picture in Picture was?  This is even better. 

Besides just watching four shows on one screen all at the same time, Multiview lets you decide what kind of shows you want by lining up specific genre programs like a Sports line-up, one for Kids and one for specific News programs you want to watch.  There are also Multiview options for all subscribers of ESPN GamePlan and ESPN FULL COURT.  So it’s your choice.  Watch the various shows that can be accessed by the menu or flip on your pre-set channels and watch those.  It’s never been easier to get in on the action today, thanks to AT&T. 

There are tons of things you can do with this service, so many you could never get bored with your TV.  Maybe it needs an injection of something cool.  Maybe your life needs a little spark to get back on track, to get you feeling excited for the things that make you feel good. 

Make sure you contact your local provider to get started, but once you do it is easy to begin accessing really cool content.  With Multiview you can scroll up and down the available picture in picture modes, allowing you the option to watch what you want if the current is not doing it for you.  Watch four shows at once if you want, all from the same screen.  There is easy access to any of the Multiview channels, and by using the channel guide numbers or select a listing under the Live TV options on the menu. 

A single button will switch the main view point from a smaller one and vice versa, it’s all up to you what you watch.  You can also initiate recordings from each of the picture in picture choices in Multiview with a simple push of a button.  With the large viewing port (your main show) you can rewind, pause or fast forward the program as you like. 

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