AT&T Internet Features!

Your internet experience is about to get a very serious upgrade when you sign up for AT&T Internet service.  All our lives are beginning to take advantage of the wonderful world of the internet through interactive features that make our day less stressful and easier.  And since most of us use the internet everyday, why not make it an even better experience than ever before? 

Well now you can with the AT&T .  The great thing about technology crossing over into different media and devices is the ability to bundle and get more for your hard earned dollar.  You work hard for every penny so you might as well get all that you can and more than you think.  With AT&T you can get tons of great features on your internet package. 

The first thing you get is lightning speed.  There are many options to choose from, so make sure you get in touch with a local provider to get the one that fits your needs and your budget the best.  Everyone is different but no matter what you can choose what is best for you and your needs.  You can get a package with astonishing speeds up to a blistering 45 Mbps.  This is high speed internet at its most electrifying. 

Plus, by connecting to their wireless gateway, you can hook up your phone or tablet and eliminate over usage at home.  It is simple and easy to use and let’s you choose when and how you connect online. 

You also get powerful security features that keep you and your information protected from online predators and reliability from one of the nation’s leading providers.  You will get almost unlimited storage for your email, wireless home and wireless router coverage to get you connect with ease, on the go access to the entire nationwide AT&T wireless network at no extra charge, connecting you wherever you may be, and in addition, you will receive incredible online security features.  These security features include firewall protection, parental controls, anti-virus protection, and anti-spyware. 

So many options for your speed needs… so many choices based on your budget, you will get the right plan for you.  Make sure you check with your local retailer in order to get the best deal. 

There are six separate speed choices: Pro gives you 3 Mbps, perfect for connecting with friends on social networking sites.  Elite upgrades your plan to 6 Mbps, great for surfing the web and watching video clips.  Max doubles up from Elite to 12 Mbps, which is nice for downloading music.  MaxPlus increases the speed to a respectable 18 Mbps, perfect for downloading those large email attachments for big work projects, while the MaxTurbo turns up the juice for a whopping 45 Mbps.  For those that want the maximum speed these plans can offer, hook up the incredible Power option, downloading HD shows or movies at a blinding 45 Mbps.  It doesn’t get much better than this for download speeds. 

Another great feature is the personalized homepage through AT&T High Speed Internet.  Besides your main email account you can set up subaccounts, each with 2MB storage capacity.  These come with built in online security protection so you and your family are safe and sound whenever you connect. 

The foundation for all this service is built upon the innovative AT&T advanced online digital network.  The powerful Wireless Gateway is capable of many great things, including eliminating those troublesome wireless dead spots that can crop up, helps to discouraging piggybacking by outsiders trying to jump on your internet line, comes built in with four separate Ethernet ports for wired LAN connection if you want and allows you to connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices. 

Get started as soon as you can so you can enjoy all these available options when you hook up your internet service through AT&T.