AT&T TV Interactive Apps!

The world is changing fast.  Technology is growing and developing to the point where all our individual personal devices, or systems, are coming together, integrated into one all inclusive operating parameter.  It is amazing what you can combine, your phone supports your computer, your tablet download from the internet or connects to your laptop, and your TV connects through the same line as phone and TV.  They all work together synergistically with simple actions and ease of use never seen before. 

The first step is simple.  Just whip out that smart phone in your pocket and download the AT&T TV app and boom, boom you the technology at your fingertips.  Make it portable.  Make it as easy as you like and take it with you wherever you go.  Once you have the app on your phone, use it to manage your DVR, pick your schedule for when you want to watch your favorite shows, scan through the convenient channel guide, and if you pick the right AT&T TV plan you can watch an entire smorgasbord of hit TV shows right from your phone, anywhere you want.  The best thing about the app?  It is completely free and ready to use once it’s downloaded from Apple Itunes or Google Play.    

Here are just some of the great things you can do with the amazing AT&T TV app: you can browse all the available content on TV for viewing right at that moment or store it for later; it’s up to you.  You can manage your personal content from a remote location, wherever you get service on your phone, plus use your mobile library to watch these shows on your phone.  Once you have a particular show downloaded, it’s yours to watch anytime, anywhere!  It could not be easier. 

Here is what else you can get.  Introducing AT&T’s new TV Multiview.  This lets you choose what channels and types of TV shows you want to watch.  You can also make it easier for your family, especially your kids, by pre-setting the channels on a specific genre.  For example, pre-set for a Kids line-up, News, or even a Sports pre-set for that special someone who has to have their game fix.  Multiview is also ready to get you in on the action with ESPN Full Court and ESPN GamePlan.  Subscribers to this deal get awesome seasonal sports action, including Cubs baseball, the Masters gold tourney, plus get front row seats to the Winter and Summer Olympics! 
Another integrative system that blurs the line between what’s science fiction and science is the AT&T Voicemail Viewer, a new application that lets you access your voice mail and your unified messaging.  You can use your smart phone or a compatible PC gadget.  Just make sure you have a AT&T wireless phone and a data plan. 

Got an outdoor activity planned for the kids?  Wish you knew what the weather was going to be like before you leave and get stuck in the rain?  Now you can use the AT&T Weather on demand.  This lets you check the weather anywhere you need to.  It’s as easy as tuning to channel 227.  Then you begin customizing your weather updates. 

Let your TV intertwine with your phone and manage, view and access all your favorite features right from the comfort of your living room, sitting on your couch.  Life has never been simpler.  It is all in one, all there for your convenience.  Tune into channel 9900 and then the app takes over when a new call or new voice mail comes, popping up on the screen for you take care of when you want. 

With AT&T you can do more.  Watch hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies, music videos, that viral clip everyone is talking about, sports, news, live content, premium cable programs, it’s all at your fingertips, ready to use.