Everyone is busy these days.  We have our professional lives.  We all work crazy hours, drive around to do business or perhaps struggle with a long, difficult commute.  Work is important.  And we have our private and personal lives.  Whether it is with our best friends or closest family members, we all want to spend time with those we love.  And we want every moment to be special and mean something. 

Think about sharing something special, something so new and exciting those you share it with will never forget.  You will be the big hit at your next get together when you introduce the new DVR service from AT&T.  This incredible technology must be experienced to be believed.  It is almost at the level of science fiction, the way the new DVR works and with a few simple clicks and a phone call, it can be yours sooner than you might think. 

Ever wish you could watch what you are currently watching in one room, push a button and watch it in another room?  This is a completely possible scenario now, there is no need to wish for it any longer.  With AT&T’s Total Home DVR, you get all you want and then some.  With just one DVR device set up in your home by expert customers from AT&T, you are just one tap away from experiencing this wonderful technology. 

One DVR, a total home experience!  In any room in your house, on any TV you wish, AT&T Total Home DVR service let’s you decide where to watch that big game, that hit TV show or that blockbuster movie you have been waiting for.  This is only one single reason to switch to AT&T TV Total Home DVR. 

With this amazing service, you can now record up to 4 separate TV shows at the same time and store them for later, all on one single device for your convenience.  Not only can you record any show you wish and watch them when you want, you can play them on any TV set in your home, all with this DVR in the same position you set it up in. 

Another cool feature that comes automatic with this great deal is being able to pause, rewind and fast forward live shows or recorded television.  Not only this but you can program your DVR from your phone or even your computer.  It comes HD ready so you can get the most out of your HD television set and is available with most plans you can choose from.  The amazing storage capacity is hard to believe but it will allow you to store up to 422 hours of total programming or 155 hours of pure HD awesomeness if you so choose. 

Once your home is hooked up with an in home AT&T TV Receiver, you can set up all your DVR desires with one single unit.  It is simple, easy and now with AT&T TV, very affordable.  You can also delete any show you wish, update or schedule a new show you want to watch, or play the same show on different TV sets within your residence or pause and replay the same show at any time of day.  If time is tight, you can set it up so you can extend the recording time to ensure you get to see the entire program and not deal with the annoyance of having part of it cut off. 

You can group all your favorite series together by choice or by genre, your choice.  The best thing is, the DVR can do all of this automatically so it’s simple and easy to understand.  You won’t miss a thing.  Do not forget you can manage your entire system with your smart phone or any internet connection you have access to. Check out the other AT&T TV Features