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Tomas Maly

Born: 2017 AD
Currently alive, at 1 years of age.
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Tomas Maly is the Lead Developer for MyTownUSA. He was born October 24th, 1980 in Stanford, California. His father was a nuclear physicist from the Czech Republic who had a passion for finding free energy through cold fusion. His mother was a professional violinist for the San Francisco Symphony and a private instructor. After spending several years abroad in France, Tomas’ parents moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area where he was later born. Having spent his youth growing up in Silicon Valley, Tomas grew a passion for how things worked, specifically computers.

Tomas got his first computer when he was 13 and from there quickly learned how to write web software and operate web servers. Tomas excelled in Computer Science and graduated from high school in 1998. While in his second year of community college, he landed his first high tech job as a Linux Systems Administrator for a Silicon Valley startup. After several years , he migrated into doing help desk and web development work. While in Silicon Valley, Tomas met his future wife Melissa, and had three children, Sebastian, Sequoia and Cypress.

In 2004, Tomas and his family moved to New Jersey to be closer to Melissa’s family, where he had the opportunity to work for both Comcast and a local gift manufacturer. It was at this point that Tomas developed a passion for developing software that was both scalable and modular for business growth.

Tomas and his family later spent 6 months in Upstate NY near the small college town of Ithaca, New York where he spent the time enjoying the wilderness and vibrant community culture. After returning to New Jersey, Tomas then spent some time camping and traveling between coasts to help his parents transition into long-term assisting living. He then found a job spontaneously on a camping trip, working as a web developer for the agricultural industry.


A year later, he returned to New Jersey when he had the idea of settling down in a mid-sized college town surrounded by nature. After spending several months living in Pennsylvania, he searched online for locations on the east coast that were health focused, specifically with a variety of health food options. Tomas has been vegan since the age of 16 so living in an area where he could have healthier options and supermarkets and restaurants was important.


In December 2015, Tomas moved to Asheville, North Carolina where he quickly fell in love with the Southern Appalachians. Since moving to the area, he has enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rockclimbing, and wildcrafting. He has also gained a love for Appalachian culture, including folk singing, dancing and crafts. In his spare time, Tomas has worked on developing websites for animal rescues. In January of 2017, he attended a developer’s meetup event and met the individuals involved with MyTownUSA a local resource for finding deals and things to do in Asheville and other cities.

Tomas joined the MyTownUSA team as the Lead Developer shortly thereafter. Drawn to the software startup environment, Tomas is excited about using cutting edge web and mobile development strategies to improve local communities and economies. It’s in this work that he hopes to bring his passion for engineering into a successful software company environment.

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