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Elizabeth Mosher

Born: 1994 AD
Currently alive, at 24 years of age.
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Elizabeth Mosher is a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Associate who enjoys both the creativity and analytics involved in her job, as well as working with software applications. Her competitive, yet humble personality allows her to take on many different challenges while striving to be better.     


Elizabeth grew up in the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio. She was heavily involved in sports as she spent eight years in competitive Gymnastics and four years running both Track and Cross Country. Her mother is a stay at home mom who devotes her life to her family, and her father is a self-taught Electrical Controls Engineer with much experience in the industry. In 2010, her father’s job led Elizabeth and her family to Asheville, North Carolina where they have rebuilt their life in the mountains. She attended her last two years of high school here and later found herself in Cullowhee, NC at Western Carolina University where she was recruited to run Track and Cross Country. Though running is a passion of hers, Elizabeth began focusing more time on her studies in Art and Graphic Design and later denied the recruitment to run.


The Art and Design program was intriguing and her passion for design grew quickly. As design is often overlooked, Elizabeth’s college career was focused around her searching for a way to become original, creative, and relevant in her field. Covering a large spectrum of concepts, techniques, and career paths, Elizabeth began to favor print design and motion graphics. Both of these allowed her to be creative without getting into much backend work, such as coding. Primarily she works in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects, but hopes to expand her skillset in different programs for efficiency.


College was a life changing experience for Elizabeth. As a first generation college student, she felt the pressure to succeed in everything she did. The challenge of college became much greater after the birth of her son, Ezra, during her sophomore year. Her son’s biological father is from and lives in China, so she took on being a single mom and finishing her college career. After five long years, Elizabeth is to graduate in December of 2017 with a BFA. The college journey has been very difficult, but she has a high motivation to better herself and her life. Her ambition is to find a career that she enjoys waking up to go to every morning


Elizabeth joined the Greenstone Media team as an intern in May of 2017. She is currently working in the Digital Marketing Department and is participating in training to further her education. Presently, Elizabeth is working to become Google AdWords certified and is also using her design skills to create more practical designs for clients. It is her goal here to continue learning more in both Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, and to hold a prominent place on the Greenstone team.


4.9 (98.82%) 457 votes