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Zorrilla y Moral, Jose

Born: 1817 AD
Died: 1893 AD
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1817 – A Spanish dramatist and poet were born this year at Valladolid. He was educated by the Jesuits at the Real Seminario de Nobles in Madrid, wrote verses when he was twelve.
1833 – He was sent to study law at the University of Toledo, but after a year of idleness, he fled to Madrid, where he aghast the friends of his absolutist father by making aggressive speeches and by founding a newspaper which was promptly covered up by the government.
1837 – He published a book of verses, mostly imitations of Lamartine and Hugo, which was so favorably received that he printed six more volumes within three years.
1839 – He began his individual career as a dramatist with Cada cual con su razón (1840), and during the following five years he wrote twenty-two plays, many of them extremely successful.
1847 – Upon the death of his mother, he left Spain, resided for a while at Bordeaux, and settled in Paris, where his incomplete Granada, a striking poem of gorgeous local color.
1885 – The Spanish Academy, which had elected him a member many years before, presented him with a gold medal of honor.
1889 – He was publicly crowned at Granada as the national laureate.
1893 – He died on the 23rd day of January in Madrid, Spain.

2.5 (50%) 10 votes