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Grey Owl

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1938 AD
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1888 – Grey Owl or Wa-sha-quon-asin was born in September 1888 in Hastings, England.


1901 – His parents separated in this year, and his father left the country.


1906 – He immigrated to Canada, ostensibly to study agriculture. After a brief time in Toronto, he moved to Northern Ontario, and adopted an Indian identity and the name Grey Owl. He also married an Anishinaabe woman, Angele Egwuna.


1915 – During World War I, in this year, he joined the 13th Montreal Battalion of the Black Watch. His unit was shipped to France, where he served as a sniper. His compatriots treated him as an Indian and generally praised his conduct afterwards.


1916 – He was wounded first in January of this year and then again on April with a shot through the foot. The wound contracted gangrene, and he was shipped to England for treatment.


1917 – The marriage failed. He was shipped back to Canada in September of this year. However, he was honorably discharged on November 30 with a disability pension.


1925 – He met the Iroquois woman Gertrude Bernard who encouraged him to stop trapping and publish his writings about wilderness life. His writings attracted the attention of the Dominion Parks Service, and he began to work for them as a naturalist.


1931 – He and Anahareo moved briefly to a cabin in Riding Mountain National Park with their two pet beavers, Jellyroll and Rawhide. Next year they moved to near Ajawaan Lake in Prince Albert National Park.


1935 – He successfully toured England (including Hastings) in Ojibwa costume to promote his books and lecture about conservation. His aunts recognized him but remained silent until 1937.


1938 – He returned to Beaver Lodge, his cabin at Ajawaan Lake. Grey Owl died of pneumonia on 13th of April, he was buried near his cabin.















3 (60.41%) 49 votes