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Greta Anderson

Born: 1989 AD
Currently alive, at 29 years of age.
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Greta Anderson is a Minnesota-raised graphic designer and web usability enthusiast. She currently works at Greenstone Media Agency as a Product Manager for several mobile and web applications.


Greta graduated in the top 10% of her high school class in White Bear Lake, MN and was accepted to the honors program for Design Principles at the University of Minnesota. After one-year at the University of Minnesota she received a generous scholarship at the emerging Shintaro Akatsu School of Design located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and received multiple praises from her professors for her thesis project, “The Informant!” which exposed issues affecting millennials in a voice that gave context and perspective to major news stories.


After her graduation she continued her job has a Sales Manager at the reputable company, Southwestern, where in 10 weeks, her and her small team generated over $150,000 dollar revenue in direct educational sales. She then accepted a contract job in NYC as an art director for a spiritual magazine. With her post-college earnings Greta planned a 13 month sabbatical traveling 10 countries with varying major and minority religious groups throughout the Middle East, East Africa and Europe. She worked and volunteered her time to varying organizations to build capacity for advancement and opportunity of youth and adults through English, the Arts, and Entrepreneurial education.


Shortly upon her return back to the United States she moved to Asheville, NC and volunteered as a coordinator for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program while simultaneously building her freelance graphic design business. In March of 2014 she was invited by a sponsoring organization to speak at the United Nations for the Consultative Status of Women. She was acknowledged for her commitment to justice for all people, especially for those who face marginalization and institutional barriers to opportunity. In late 2015, Greta stepped down from her position as Junior Youth Coordinator and began to pursue her career in web design and development. In March of 2016 she completed a Web Application Development course offered by Tech Talent South and shortly after she was hired by Greenstone Media as an Asheville web designer and project manager. With the growth of the company she has shifted position into application strategy, user experience, and development direction. She is very involved with the internal company project, MyTownUSA, which is expected to launch in 2017. MyTownUSA is expected to be a successful business venture that ties organic search, restaurants, local deals, things to do and out-of-town visitors to provide exclusive and valuable coupons to MyTown users.


Greta finds great fulfillment in her spare time building capacity and consulting with local organizations to improve their community impact. She also is active in the Baha’i Faith promoting the Oneness of humankind through mutual service and justice. She enjoys learning about how to cook foods from around the world and jumps at any opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains and waterfalls.


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