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Giroux, André

Born: 1801 AD
Died: 1879 AD
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1801 – Born on April 30th in Paris. Giroux’s technique, creating a drawing upon glass that is then used as a negative to make a photographic print, is called cliché-verre.


1819 – Was active in exhibiting at the Salon showing landscape views of France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


1821 – He was a student of Jacques-Louis David at Ecole des Beaux-Arts.


1822 – He was awarded a second class medal.


1825 – Won an award at Prix de Rome en Paysage Historique together with his "Chasse de Méiéagre".


1831 – He won a first class medal.


1870 – Awarded at Légion d’honneur for his "Chevalier".


1879 – Died on November 18th at the age of 79.

2.8 (55%) 16 votes