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1902 – Born on the 2nd of April in Leipzig, Germany. 1923 – Tschichold had converted to Modernist design principles after visiting the first Weimar Bauhaus exhibition. 1925 – He became a leading advocate of Modernist design: first with an influential magazine supplement, then a personal exhibition; then with his most noted work Die neue ..

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1870 – Born on May 14th in Lafayette, Indiana. American typographer and book designer. 1890 – Received his B.S. degree from Purdue University.          – A member of the Typophiles and designer of more than 400 books including his masterpiece, the Oxford Lectern. 1957 – He died on May 18th in New Fairfield, Co..

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  " Fotógrafo " Pará USAR SUAS FERRAMENTAS de câmeras, Lentes e Luzes .- "Os Fotógrafos São empregadas in muitas temperatura e Empresas UMA variedade de Especialidades . "Um Fotógrafo PoDE Fazer UMA Carreira de tirar Casamentos fotos em. Outro PoDE hum in trabalhar Laboratório tirar fotos Científico atraves microscópicos hum de . "A maioria ..

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1692 – Born in Cradley, Worcestershire, England. English typefounder. 1716 – Caslon began his career as an apprentice to an engraver of gunlocks and barrels.          – Started business in London as an engraver of gun locks and barrels, and as a bookbinder’s tool-cutter. 1720-1726 – He designed the typeface that bears his name. ..

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