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1924 – Born on October 20th in Portland, Oregon. Original member of San Francisco’s Beat poets, along with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. 1943 – Served the United States Army Air Corps. 1951 – Graduated from Reed College. 1960-1972 – Wrote Like I Say, Memoirs of an Interglacial Age, Every Day, You Didn’t Even Try, ..

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Tibetan Buddhist religious leader   enthroned at Lhasa as 14th leader of Dge-lugs-pa Buddhist order 1940   assumed titular sovereignty over Tibet with termination of regency 1950   delegate to China's National People's Congress 1954-1959   fled to India 1959 upon China's suppression of Tibetan national uprising   foremost advocate of peaceful opposition to China's ..

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1465 – Born in Pirna, Saxony. 1509 – Tetzel was appointed inquisitor for Poland and later for Saxony. 1503-1510 – His experiences as a preacher of indulgences, led to his appointment as commissary by Albert, archbishop of Mainz, who, deeply in debt to pay for a large accumulation of benefices, had to contribute a considerable ..

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1915 – Roger Schutz was born on May 12th in the village of Provence, near Neuchatel in Switzerland, the son of a Swiss Protestant pastor and a French mother from a family with a long Protestant tradition.   1490 – He arrived on his bicycle in the tiny Burgundian village of Taizé, near to the ..

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360 BC – Pelagius was born. 400 BC – He became better known, when he moved to Rome to write and teach about his ascetic practices. 405 BC – It is said that Pelagius heard a quotation from Augustine’s work Confessions,           – He found a scandalously low tone of morality prevalent. 410 ..

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1200 – He was a Benedictine monk, English chronicler, artist in illuminated manuscripts and cartographer, born this year at St Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire. In spite of his surname, and of his knowledge of the French language, he was of English birth but may have studied at Paris in his youth after early education at ..

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