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1742 – born Water Newton, Cambridgeshire, England   1753 – goes to sea, possibly as a captain’s servant. Not much is known of his early life, and this date is inferred, as he would have needed at least six years experience to take the lieutenant’s exam   1759 – passes exam and is commissioned a ..

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1869 – Adger was born in Charleston, South Carolina on October 31, 1869. 1890 – Graduated from the United States Naval Academy. 1905 – Become a Lieutenant Commander. 1911 – Promoted as a Commander. 1913 – Adger took command on the USS Chester. 1921 – Qualified as a chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics and ..

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1371 – He was born this year in Kunyang, Yunnan province, China. He grew up speaking Arabic and Chinese, learning much about the world to the west and its geography and customs.   1381 – After the Ming army conquered Yunnan, he was taken captive as a young boy in this year. He was castrated, ..

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1923 – Stansfield Turner, born on the 1st of December in Highland Park, Illinois. He was an Admiral and Director of Central Intelligence. He is currently a senior research scholar at the University of Maryland, College Park School of Public Policy . He is a Christian Scientist. 1946 – Attained a commission in the United ..

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