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Alfred Garyevich Schnittke

Born: 1934 AD
Died: 1998 AD
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1934 – Alfred Garyevich Schnittke, born on the 24th of November in Engels in the Volga-German Republic of the RSFSR, Soviet Union. He was a Russian and Soviet composer.

1946 – He began his musical education in Vienna where his father, a journalist and translator, had been posted.

1961 – He completed his graduate work in composition at the Moscow Conservator.

1962 – He studied at the Moscow Conservatory where, among his teachers in composition, was Evgeny Golubev.

1964 – He took up the serial technique in works such as Music for Piano and Chamber Orchestra.

1967 – 1968 – The first concert work to use the polystylistic technique was the Second Violin Sonata, Quasi una sonata .

1969 – 1972 – He continued to develop the polystylistic technique in works such as the epic First Symphony.

1972 – 1976 – Composed more stylistically unified works such as the Piano Quintet, written in memory of his recently deceased mother.

1977 – Developed his work, First Concerto Grosso. 1980 – His First Symphony was effectively banned by the Composers’ Union, and after he abstained from a Composers’ Union vote and he was banned from travelling outside of the USSR.

1985 – Suffered a stroke which left him in a coma.        – He was declared clinically dead on several occasions but recovered and continued to compose.

1990 – Left Russia and settled in Hamburg.

1998 – Died on the 8th of August in Hamburg.


1.4 (27.55%) 53 votes